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Nortel Meridian Vista 100 phone

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Nortel Vista 100 Telephone Set:
Supports all of Calling Features and Management Services including Call Display. In addition to the standard features of the VISTA 100, it offers:
* Keeps a record of the last answered or unanswered call received (with Call Display)
* Display screen guides you with step by step instructions, 6 number memory, Access to Call Display service, Multi-function indicator light, shows when a call is on hold, an extension is in use, or Call Forwarding is activated or a Voice Message is waiting.  Refurbished
Now Only            $Not available  

Nortel Networks Meridian 9009 phone, Vista 150 phone.  Buy Meridian 9009, Vista 150 telephone at wholesale prices

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Nortel Meridian 9009 Vista 9009 Telephone:
Now you can keep an eye on important business before you answer the phone. The M9009 will increase your productivity and improve customer service by letting you be better prepared for important calls. Enhance your business relations by greeting your callers by name. Subscribe to Call Display and the M9009 will display the caller's number (and name, if available) after the first ring. Refurbished to Telco standards.

Now Only             $Not available :

Nortel Vista 350 phone, Buy Vista 350 telephone, Nortel PowerTouch 350

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Nortel Vista 350 or PowerTouch 350 Phone Set: Personal Directory for 50 names and numbers, Services key to access a wide range of services, Two-position tilt-up base, Visual Message Waiting indicator, Adjustable volume/alerter control, Print and Copy keys Last five number redial, Preferred Name Match, Visual ringing/extension-in-use/hold indicator, Hold and LINK keys, hands free, Contrast control, Editing capabilities via scroll key, Programmable call timer, Goodbye and Options keys, Printer port, English/French prompts, Hearing aid compatible, ADA compliant, Desk or wall mountable, serviced to brand new condition complete with all parts, manuals and accessories. One of the most popular Nortel phones on the market. Refurbished

Special Offer:           $N/A :

Aastra PT470 Power Touch 470 speakerphone

Aastra PT470 Power Touch 470 Telephone Set:
Handsfree speakerphone w/mute Call display, visual call waiting 50 name/number caller list 50 name/number directory Large 8-line, backlit display w/6 display keys Multi-function indicator light: ring, hold, in-use, msg waiting (supports CLASS, 90Volt, Nortel) Up to 30 autodial positions using onscreen directory function Headset compatible English/French/Spanish prompts 5-number redial On-hook dialing Current date/time display English/French/Spanish display language Dataport Power: 16 VAC, 250 mA transformer Dimensions: 4.5" W x 7" L x 4.5" H Color: Charcoal, Platinum
Brand New         $N/A :

Aastra Vista 390, Powertouch 390, Nortel Vista 390

Nortel Vista 390 or Nortel PowerTouch 390 Telephone Set:
So affordable and easy to use, the Vista 390 or Nortel PT390 hands free screen-phone puts new interactive services at your fingertips. You can get stock quotes, make airline reservations, get directory assistance, downloadable scripts and much more right from the screen of your phone. All this plus the exceptional quality from Alpha Telecom. Refurbished to Telco standards. Please note these Vista 390 phones are programmable for PC based telephone systems.  REFURBISHED!
Refurbished:          $N/A :

Aastra Power Touch 470, PT470 speakerphone

Aastra  PowerTouch 480 PT480 Telephone Set:
Handsfree speakerphone w/mute Call display, visual call waiting 100 name/number caller list 200 name/number directory Large 8-line, backlit display w/6 display keys Multi-function indicator light: ring, hold, in-use, msg waiting (supports CLASS, 90Volt, Nortel) Headset compatible English/French/Spanish prompts 10-number redial On-hook dialing Current date/time display Dataport, Color: Charcoal only
Brand New         $N/A :

Nortel Meridian 9216 phone

Nortel Meridian 9216 Telephone:
The M9216 features calling name/number delivery, 10 memory keys, call logging, a tiltable 2 x 16 LCD and a parallel line jack for extension, fax or modem. It also has line release/hold/redial, a message waiting indicator, visual ringing and hearing aid compatibility. Refurbished
Refurbished           $110.00  

Aastra 9110, M9110 value telephone set

Nortel Aastra 9110 Telephone Set:

* Speakerphone with mute
* Seven programmable memory keys
* Voltage Message Waiting indication
* Last number redial
* Hold, Flash, Mute keys
* Dataport
* Line powered
* Receiver and Speakerphone volume control
* Multifunction indicator light
* Compatible with Centrex, PBX or standard telephone service 

Colors: Charcoal

Brand New         $75.00  

Aastra single line phone, centrex compatable

Nortel Aastra 9116LP Telephone Set:

Call Display with Visual Call Waiting*

Speakerphone with Mute

8 programmable memory keys

Three line adjustable display with Contrast control

80-name and number Callers List*

20-name and number scroll style Directory

CMS/Voltage Message Waiting indicator*

On-hook dialing

Compatible with Centrex, PBX or standard telephone service

15 autodial positions

Last number redial

Adjustable receiver volume

English/French/Spanish prompts

Line powered

Call timer

Desk or wall mount

Hearing aid compatible

Colors: Charcoal and Platinum

Brand New         $85.00  

Aastra 9120 two line telephone set

Nortel Aastra 9120 Telephone Set:

2 lines with conference key - conference both lines for a meeting, Call display with visual call waiting - lets you see who's calling before you answer,
Speakerphone with mute, Headset compatible, 7 programmable memory keys offer 14 autodial positions for quick access to features or frequently called number.
Direct headset jack.
Three line adjustable backlit display - shows,name and number and other helpful information, 100 name and number directory, 100 name and number callers list, Multi-function indicator light.
Compatible with Centrex, PBX or standard telephone service, Provides basic telephone service in the event of a power failure.
***2.5 MM Headset Jack***

Brand New         $N/A  

Nortel Meridian 9316 phone, Nortel 9316 cw telephone at wholesale prices

Nortel Meridian 9316 9316CW Telephone Set:
Nortel M9316CW (1-line) speakerphone with Caller ID/ Call Waiting. These phones have Voice Mail indicator light, 3x16 adjustable backlit display, Mute for speakerphone, 100-name and number Call Log, 100-name and number downloadable Directory. Secured numbers for personal codes. Six programmable memory keys for frequently called numbers. Headset compatible. Last 10 number redial. English/Spanish prompts. Visual ringing/extension-in-use/hold indicator. LINK/Release/Hold keys. Optional page and call timer keys. This is the most popular of the Nortel phones.  New or Refurb.

Brand New         $N/A

Like New            $175.00


Nortel Meridian 8417 or M8417 speaker phone 

Nortel Meridian 8417 Phone: Two separate lines with conferencing key, no call display, Individual LED for line status, Speakerphone without microphone, 100 number alpha numeric auto dial memory, Tilting 2x16 adjustable LCD Display that shows call duration timer and dialing directory, PBX, Centex compatible, Flash/link key, Eight (8) Programmable one touch memory keys, Hold, Message Waiting Indicator, CLASS Service Compatible, Visual Ringer, Line powered, Handset and speaker volume control, Redial that stores last 5 numbers in redial memory, English/Spanish prompts, Parallel jack for extension, fax, or mode. M8417 phones Refurbished!

M8417 Black       $N/A  

 Nortel Meridian M9417 or M9417CW speakerphone

Nortel Meridian 9417 CW Phone: Two separate lines with conferencing key, A two-line backlit display that shows the name, number, date and time of callers, Hands free speakerphone with Mute, Adjustable alphanumeric display window with contrast key, Call Log stores name, number, date, and time of up to 100 callers, Personal Directory for 100 names and numbers, enables you to reference numbers quickly and easily, Six programmable memory keys for frequently-called numbers or feature access codes, Message waiting indication light lets you know when you have a message**, Redial key for last 10 numbers dialed, Parallel jack for extension, fax, or mode. NEW 9417CW phones or Refurbished 9417!

  ( Download Brochure)

M9417CW             $N/A

Brand New


M9417CW             $195.00




Nortel Meridian M9516 phone with digital answering machine

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Nortel Meridian 9516 Phone: Hands free business set with caller ID & integrated digital answering machine.  Caller ID- CLASS & Message Waiting Indicator- Headset Compatible- Prime Line Privacy- Hold Integrated Digital Answering Machine- 30 Minute Recording Time- High-Speed Message Playback- Memo Record- Announce Only 9 Individual Mailboxes & 3 Special Mailboxes- Remote Notification of New Message ( M9516 will call a specified phone number) Voice Announce Ring (Announces Incoming Callers Name, Number, or Programmed Name)- Downloadable Memory Directory to Other 9516's Caller ID Preferred Name Match Greeting (Provided Personalized Greetings to Callers in Directory)- Multiple Area Code Stripping Voice All Page ( Up to Four 9516/9417 phones, or external speaker)- Integrated Auto Attendant Distinctive Ringing Compatible (Routes to fax, Modem, voice)-Power Loss Retention (Messages, Directory)75# Caller ID Memory (Name/Number, CLASS, & CLASS-on-Centrex)-ON HOOK DIAL, Hands free Speakerphone with MUTE- 75 # Name/Number ALPHANUMERIC MEMORY Directory Large Tiltable LCD Display ( Caller ID log, feature operation, call duration, dialing directory)- Call Director PBX, CENTREX, or Single Line Compatible-5 Programmable Memory Keys-Flash-Call Timer, Call Blocking of Blocked Calls (Routes to Special Mailbox)- English/Spanish Prompts CLASS Service Compatible- ADA Compliant- Scroll & Release Keys- Visual Ringer AC Adaptor Included- Receiver Volume Control- Last 10 Number Redial- Desk/Wall.  M9516CW not available!

M9516 Like NEW!     $N/A


Nortel Venture 3 line phone


Nortel Venture 3-line Telephone:
These Nortel Venture 3 line Business Phones can handle up to three phone lines. Caller ID and call waiting display, Conference/Transfer/Services Keys, 200 hundred name and number call log, hands-free speakerphone, paging to one or all telephones, dial restrictions and Hearing Aid Compatible. Refurbished.  Only available in Almond!

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Now Only       Not Available  

Shipping and Handling Charges are extra.  We ship via UPS.  Please read here before ordering.

Canadian residents:  Please add applicable taxes.        No Sales Tax charge to US addresses!

Above Nortel Refurbished Phones carry a full 90 day return to depot warranty!

All New Aastra phones carry a 1 year return to manufacturer warranty!

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