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Gostats Web Stats and Tracking Counters

Nortel BCM 50 VoIP telephone system, for small to medium size offices


We carry New Avaya Nortel Telephones - as well as Nortel Avaya Telephone Systems, Voice Mail & Accessories for any business solution...............                                    

Avaya Meridian Norstar M7324 with addon CAP module

Whether you're searching for a new Avaya Meridian Norstar phone or a complete business telephone system, at Alpha Telecom our number one priority is to provide you with quality equipment. All Avaya equipment purchased from Alpha Telecom carries with it a full twelve-month warranty.

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Upgrade to a Hosted VoIP PBX Phone System            VoIP SIP Service and Gateways

      Avaya IP Office Phones!         Grandstream IP phones      Avaya/Nortel BCM Phones Avaya 9608 IP Phone for Avaya IP Office Avaya Nortel VoIP phones and IP phone systems, Avaya Nortel BCM phone system



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Authorized Reseller for the Avaya IP Office phone systems, Avaya data equipment and more

We carry the new AVAYA IP OFFICE & BCM phone systems.  Upgrade now.  Ask us how!

Upgrade your older BCM 4.0 to the new BCM 6.0 $2795.00.  Call for details!!

Add Nortel Windows 7/8 Fax Messaging/desktop for BCM 3.6, 3.7, 4.0.  Works on BCM200, BCM400 & BCM1000.  Call us for details.


Ask about installing the E-MetroTel UCx & the 3CX phone systems for small businesses.  E-MetroTel supports all existing Nortel digital & IP phones.

Also supports Cisco 7900 and SPA500 series SIP phones.

Check out the latest Meridian1/CS1000 features of the UCx IP PBX here.
Delivering the latest Unified Communication features such as integrated mobility, Home working, Call Recording, Meet-Me Conferencing including support for SIP compliant telephones and cost effective SIP trunks. With it’s built-in support for Nortel Heritage IP & Digital phones it is the perfect cost effective upgrade for the many installed Nortel systems. UCX is ‘Exceptional at saving you money’, don’t buy another communication system for your office without looking at UCX first. Installation & training available. UCx20, UCx50, UCx450, UCx1000

GN Netcom GN 9120 Cordless headset for Nortel business and Norstar phones

Wireless Headsets         Click logo on left!

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Avaya Small Office Package for up to 8 phones

Avaya IP Office 500 Package with Voicemail and 6 phones

Cisco SIP phones with 3CX IP PBX phone system

Large Office Application with Voicemail & up to 100 phones

Avaya Meridian Norstar Phones & Business Phone Systems

Nortel Aastra Vista Powertouch Phones

Meridian Norstar Programming Support, Nortel BCM help

Avaya Meridian Norstar Business Phone System Packages

Supplier/Reseller of Avaya Nortel Meridian Norstar Phone and telephone system

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This month's specials:

UCx business VoIP phone system

NEW:  Replace your old Nortel BCM with the new EMetroTel UCx20 4x8 phone system plus 6 Yealink T23P IP phones


Internet Special

Avaya IPO500V2 phone system Ver 9.0 Brand New

4 lines/6 extensions/voicemail bundle



Cisco SPA504

  $160.00 each





Avaya 9508 digital phone for Avaya IP Office 500Avaya 9508

$255.00 each




The Brand New Avaya IP Office 500 9.0 with built-in Voicemail is available as a Norstar bundle package New.  Now is the time to upgrade your old Meridian Norstar Phone System and SAVE!

Other configurations available 

Click here for info!

Avaya Nortel BCM is still available!
Nortel Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM50/BCM450/BCM400) delivers small to medium-sized businesses and branch offices the only converged voice/data solution in the industry, providing a choice of IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy. Avaya BCM.

Add VoIP to your existing Avaya Norstar Phone System Toronto. Connect your Cisco Phone Adapter, PAP2T-NA, to your Norstar trunk lines and you can start making phone calls using the internet and using your M7000 or T7000 series phones! Call for details!

The WiFi SIP Long Range CordlessThe SN920 EnGenius Long Range Cordless Phone, telephone at wholesale prices Phone

Check this out! A cordless phone with access point coverage! Imagine the possibilities in office buildings!

Click here for info!

Can I add Music on hold or background music on my Avaya Norstar Phone System?

Yes you can!  All you need is a radio or a CD/Tape player, a connecting cable & some minor programming, and you're ready to go!!

Or, we can provide you with a professional message on hold recording.  Call for details and pricing!

We specialize in the installation and service of Avaya Meridian Norstar phone systems, overhead music and paging systems.
•  Offices over 10,000sq.ft.
•  Medical Clinics
•  Warehouses
•  Auto Dealers
•  Retail Stores
•  Auto Repair Centers


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